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Liberal Arts Division

The Liberal Arts Division within the Alexandria Campus is a good place to study where humanity has been, where it is, and where it might be going. It is a good place to gain skills and insights useful in shaping both a personal future and the future of humanity.

The dawn of the 21st century illuminated a world unrecognizable to our ancestors. It is a world interdependent and interconnected, a world where anything that happens anywhere can affect everyone everywhere. To see the world more clearly in the light of this new age, come study with us at the Alexandria Campus.

The Alexandria Campus is a world campus. We have students from 160 of the world’s nations in our classrooms. Our graduates are to be found everywhere on the globe. 

The Liberal Arts Division at the Alexandria Campus is a good place to study where humanity has been, where it is, and where it might be going. It is a good place to gain skills and insights useful in shaping both a personal future and the future of humanity.

We offer courses World Literature, Environmental Studies, Histories of Asia, Africa, Europe, the Americas, the Middle East, and Western Civilization, Religions of the World, Music and Art Appreciation, Intercultural Communications, and many more directed at creating a better understanding of the world around us.

We are home to the finest English as a Second Language program in the Commonwealth of Virginia. We offer fourteen of the world’s languages, including the ten most widely spoken.

The Institute for Public Service, a unit within the Liberal Arts Division, places students from America and from around the world in internships in the Washington area institutions that influence the community, national, and world policies. The Institute sponsors forums on topics important globally and locally and works to apply the resources of the Alexandria Campus to projects that promote the public good. Within a ten mile radius of the Alexandria Campus are the embassies of 190 nations, the Pentagon, State Department, and the headquarters of dozens of international organizations. Many of our students work in this international environment and many of our teachers have experience within it.

Jean H. Braden Center for Women, Gender, and Social Equity, also a unit within the Liberal Arts Division, provides a place for quiet study as well as seminars, lectures and classes dealing with issues that shape our world.

Faculty and Staff

Administration and Staff

Dr. Jimmie McClellan
703.845.6223 jmcclellan@nvcc.edu
Shonette Grant
Lead Assistant Dean
703.845.6503 sgrant@nvcc.edu
Sah Ara Sanu-t
Administrative Assistant to the Dean
703.845.6233 snance@nvcc.edu
Marlene Ibar
Administrative Assistant
703.845.6242 maibar@nvcc.edu
Azza Ahmed
Administrative Assistant
703.845.6214 azahmed@nvcc.edu
Linda Campos
Administrative Assistant
703.933.8099 lcampos@nvcc.edu
Britt Conley
Administrative Assistant
703.845.6095 bconley@nvcc.edu


Sarah Liberatore
Assistant Dean
703.845.6160 sliberatore@nvcc.edu
Jessica Gardner 703.845.6273 jggardner@nvcc.edu
Stacy Slaten 703.845.6075 sslaten@nvcc.edu
Mark Anderson (adjunct) 703.845.6242 mtanderson@nvcc.edu
Vivien Chen (adjunct) 703.845.6242 vchen@nvcc.edu
Robert French (adjunct) 703.845.6242 rfrench@nvcc.edu
Rebecca Glenn (ELI, adjunct) 703.845.6242 rglenn@nvcc.edu
Nataliya Gurshman (adjunct) 703.845.6311 ngurshman@nvcc.edu
Alexsandra Remorenko (adjunct, also with ELI) 703.845.6311 aremorenko@nvcc.edu
Pete Van Riper (adjunct) 703.845.6311 pvanriper@nvcc.edu

Communication Studies and Theatre

Dr. Brenda Lewis-Holmes
Assistant Dean
703.845.6162 blewisholme@nvcc.edu
Meredith Aquila 703.933.8089 maquila@nvcc.edu
Dr. Nathan Carter 703.845.6573 nacarter@nvcc.edu
Lucy Gebre-Egziabher 703.845.6297 lgebre@nvcc.edu.
Lucy Holsonbake 703.845.6096 lgholsonbake@nvcc.edu
Araceli Palomino 703.845.6242 apalomino@nvcc.edu
Moriah Whiteman mwhiteman@nvcc.edu
Nader Chaaban (adjunct) 703.845.6242 nchaaban@nvcc.edu
Angela Copeland (adjunct) 703.845.6242 aforeman@nvcc.edu
Toni Delancey (adjunct) 703.845.6242 tdelancey@nvcc.edu
Jeremy Hodgson (adjunct) 703.845.6242 jhodgson@nvcc.edu
Jocelyn Johnson (adjunct) 703.845.6242 jyjohnson@nvcc.edu
Andrew Keller (adjunct) arkeller@nvcc.edu
Ayanna Demetris Lenard (adjunct) 703.845.6242 alenard@nvcc.edu
Takesha McMiller (adjunct) 703.845.6242 tmcmiller@nvcc.edu
John Shosky (adjunct) jshosky@nvcc.edu


Dr. Jennifer Ward
Assistant Dean
703.845.6501 jeward@nvcc.edu
Dr. Michael Amey 703.845.6288 mamey@nvcc.edu
Dr. Jill Biden    
Emily Chiles 703.933.3984 echiles@nvcc.edu
Dianne Daily 703.933.3973 ddaily@nvcc.edu
Shonette Grant 703.845.6503 sgrant@nvcc.edu
Rachel Martin 703.575.4709 rrmartin@nvcc.edu
Alexander Purugganan 703.845.6235 apurugganan@nvcc.edu
Dr. Carlos Schroder 703.845.6578 cschroder@nvcc.edu
Dr. Jarrod Waetjen 703.845.6568 jwaetjen@nvcc.edu
Kathleen Wax 703.845.6566 kwax@nvcc.edu
Michael Baker (adjunct) 703.845.6242 mjbaker@nvcc.edu
Karen Brown (adjunct) 703.845.6242 kbrown@nvcc.edu
Robert Brunner (adjunct) 703.845.6047 rbrunner@nvcc.edu
Chaundra Castilla (adjunct) 703.845.6242 ccastilla@nvcc.edu
Margaret Diamond (adjunct) 703.845.6242 mdiamond@nvcc.edu
Gino Diangelo (adjunct) 703.845.6242 gdiangelo@nvcc.edu
Melissa Dienna (adjunct) 703.845.6242 mbrinkmann@nvcc.edu
Rima Fakhry (adjunct) 703.845.6242 rfakhry@nvcc.edu
Diba Hadi (adjunct) dhadi@nvcc.edu
William Hess (adjunct) 703.845.6242 whess@nvcc.edu
Mary Holmes (adjunct) 703.845.6242 mholmes@nvcc.edu
Geeta Kumar (adjunct) 703.845.6242 gkumar@nvcc.edu
William Lord (adjunct) 703.845.6242 wlord@nvcc.edu
Maheesha Mansaray (adjunct) 703.845.6242 mmansaray@nvcc.edu
John Pickett (adjunct) 703.845.6242 jpickett@nvcc.edu
Michael Emmet Rosenfeld (adjunct) 703.845.6242 mrosenfeld@nvcc.edu
Susan Tucker (adjunct) 703.845.6242 stucker@nvcc.edu
Bradley Waltman (adjunct) bwaltman@nvcc.edu
Adrienne Washington (adjunct) 703.845.6242 awashington@nvcc.edu
Rosemarie Wilcox (adjunct) 703.845.6242 rosewilcox@nvcc.edu

English as a Second Language

Peter Ruffner
Assistant Dean
703.845.6565 pruffner@nvcc.edu

Janice Hornyak

703.845.6585 jhornyak@nvcc.edu
Scott Buswell 703.845.6574 sbuswell@nvcc.edu
Elizabeth Chan 703.845.6562 echan@nvcc.edu
Janet Giannotti 703.933.3983 jgiannotti@nvcc.edu
John Kinney 703.845.6013 jkinney@nvcc.edu
Dr. Agnes Malicka 703.845.6353 amalicka@nvcc.edu
James Toepper 703.845.6385 jtoepper@nvcc.edu
Ruth Takushi 703.845.6570 rtakushi@nvcc.edu
Mike Waguespack 703.845.6571 mwaguespack@nvcc.edu
Gloria Ward 703.933.3980 gward@nvcc.edu
Tauheeda Yasin 703.845.6579 tyasin@nvcc.edu
Maysoon Almazyed (adjunct) 703.845.6242 malmazyed@nvcc.edu
Tessa Ambridge (adjunct) 703.845.6242 tambridge@nvcc.edu
Brian Anthon (adjunct) 703.845.6242 banthon@nvcc.edu
Aaron Carlson (adjunct) 703.845.6242 acarlson@nvcc.edu
Tracy Chase (adjunct) 703.323.3346 tchase@nvcc.edu
Claire Cirolia (adjunct) 703.845.6242 ccirolia@nvcc.edu
Rima Fakhry (adjunct) 703.845.6242 rfakhry@nvcc.edu
Deanne Foerster (adjunct) 703.845.6242 dfoerster@nvcc.edu
Nancy Foote (adjunct) 703.845.6242 nfoote@nvcc.edu
Leah Gonzalez (adjunct) 703.845.6242 ljgonzalez@nvcc.edu
Carmen Hernan (adjunct) 703.845.6242 chernan@nvcc.edu
Dana Kappler (adjunct) 703.845.6242 dakappler@nvcc.edu
William Kennedy (adjunct) 703.845.6242 wkennedy@nvcc.edu
Beverly Khabo (adjunct) 703.845.6242 bkhabo@nvcc.edu
Robert Lubas (adjunct) 703.845.6242 rlubas@nvcc.edu
Katherine Marshall (adjunct) 703.845.6242 kamarshall@nvcc.edu
Robert Murphy (adjunct) 703.845.6242 rmurphy@nvcc.edu
Georgia Mae Oates (adjunct) 703.845.6242 goates@nvcc.edu
Feryal Nasir (adjunct) 703.845.6242 fnasir@nvcc.edu
Rabia Pervez (adjunct) 703.845.6242 rpervez@nvcc.edu
Elizabeth Rasmussen (adjunct) 703.845.6242 erasmussen@nvcc.edu
Thomas Satterwhite (adjunct) 703.845.6242 tsatterwhite@nvcc.edu
Jane Stanga (adjunct) 703.845.6242 jstanga@nvcc.edu
Richard Tucker (adjunct) 703.845.6242 rwtucker@nvcc.edu
Jamie Turnquist (adjunct) 703.845.6242 jturnquist@nvcc.edu
Virginia (Carver) Zullo (adjunct) 703.845.6242 vzullo@nvcc.edu

Graphic Design (Print, Interactive, Web and Multimedia)

Elizabeth (Lisa) Hill
Assistant Dean
703.933.3958 ehill@nvcc.edu
Gregory Eckler 703.845.6163 geckler@nvcc.edu
Nick Spencer 703.845.6164 nickspencer@nvcc.edu
Angela Terry 703.845.6094 aterry@nvcc.edu
Zac Redden, Instructional Assistant 703.845.6094 zredden@nvcc.edu
Rebekah Hanover-Pettit (adjunct) 703.845.6239 rhanoverpettit@nvcc.edu
Marit Knollmueller (adjunct) 703.845.6239 mknollmueller@nvcc.edu
Rachael Hamm Plett (adjunct) 703.845.6239 rhammplett@nvcc.edu


Dr. Nicholas Gaffney
Assistant Dean
703.845.6584 ngaffney@nvcc.edu
Dr. Sue Jean Cho 703.933.3951 scho@nvcc.edu
Dr. Kathleen Fichtel 703.845.6569 kfichtel@nvcc.edu
Dr. Lynette Garrett 703.933.8328 lagarrett@nvcc.edu
Dr. Jimmie McClellan 703.845.6223 jmcclellan@nvcc.edu
Christine Contrada (adjunct) 703.845.6242 ccontrada@nvcc.edu
Glenn Fatzinger (adjunct) 703.845.6242 gfatzinger@nvcc.edu
Kelsey Flynn (adjunct) 703.845.6242 kflynn@nvcc.edu
Deborah Gomez (adjunct) 703.845.6242 dgomez@nvcc.edu
Aneta Lauro (adjunct) 703.845.6242 alauro@nvcc.edu
Daoud Nassimi (adjunct) 703.845.6242 dnassimi@nvcc.edu
Christopher Outlaw (adjunct) 703.845.6242 coutlaw@nvcc.edu
Matthew Pearcy (adjunct) 703.845.6242 mpearcy@nvcc.edu
Matthew Phillips (adjunct) 703.845.6242 mphillips@nvcc.edu
Dennis Skocz (adjunct) 703.845.6242 deskocz@nvcc.edu
Brian Vagts (adjunct) 703.845.6242 bvagts@nvcc.edu
Dr. Jeffrey Weir (adjunct) 703.845.6242 jweir@nvcc.edu


Dr. Jonathan Kolm
Assistant Dean
703.845.6026 jkolm@nvcc.edu
Lisa Eckstein 703.845.6242 leckstein@nvcc.edu
John Kocur 703.845.8364 jkocur@nvcc.edu
Dr. Mark Whitmire 703.845.6097 mwhitmire@nvcc.edu
Sue Brockman (adjunct, flute) 703.845.6242 sbrockman@nvcc.edu
Cara Cammaroto (adjunct, voice) 703.845.6242 ccammaroto@nvcc.edu
Danielle Cho (adjunct, cello) 703.845.6242 dcho@nvcc.edu
Patrick Cook (adjunct, voice) 703.845.6242 pmcetenor@aol.com
Michael Creadon (adjunct, trumpet) 703.845.6242 mcreadon@nvcc.edu
Eugene D’Andrea (adjunct, piano) 703.845.6242 edandrea@nvcc.edu
Melissa Dvorak (adjunct, harp) 703.845.6242 mdvorak@nvcc.edu
Chris Galvin (adjunct, guitar) 703.845.6242 cromgalvan@yahoo.com
Rex Gori (adjunct, voice) 703.845.6242 aurelius.gori1@verizon.net
Christine Hagan (adjunct, piano) 703.845.6242 mhagan@nvcc.edu
Kenneth Hall (adjunct, guitar) 703.845.6242 khall@nvcc.edu
Brian Jones (adjunct, clarinet) 703.845.6242 bdjones@nvcc.edu
Rami Kanaan (adjunct, violin & viola) 703.845.6242 rwkanaan@nvcc.edu
Ja-Hye Koo (adjunct, piano) 703.845.6242 jkoo@nvcc.edu
Deborah Lloyd (adjunct, piano) 703.845.6242 dlloyd@nvcc.edu
Jason Lovelace (adjunct, piano) 703.845.6242 jlovelace@nvcc.edu
Sue Neff (adjunct, oboe) 703.845.6242 spneff@nvcc.edu
Kevin Pace (adjunct, bass) 703.845.6242 kpace@nvcc.edu
Kathy Smith (adjunct, piano) 703.845.6242 kbsmith@nvcc.edu

Photography and Media

Sarah Raymond
Assistant Dean
703.845.6153 sraymond@nvcc.edu
Linda (Page) Carr 703.845.6170 lcarr@nvcc.edu
Cristin Hand, Lab Assistant 703.575.4741 chand@nvcc.edu
Robert (Bob) Laubach, Lab Manager 703.845.6287 rlaubach@nvcc.edu
Aya Takashima 703.845.6074 atakashima@nvcc.edu
Stephanie Booth (adjunct) 703.845.6287 sbooth@nvcc.edu
Paul Chapman (adjunct) 703.933.5066 pchapman@nvcc.edu
Amanda Sauer (adjunct) 703.845.6287 asauer@nvcc.edu
Vanessa Vick (adjunct) 703.845.6287 vvick@nvcc.edu

World Languages

Amanda Trostle
Assistant Dean
703.933.3985 atrostle@nvcc.edu
Elizabeth Bull 703.845.6567 ebull@nvcc.edu
Dr. Martha Davis 703.845.6586 mdavis@nvcc.edu
Dr. Laura Franklin 703.845.6325 lfranklin@nvcc.edu
Lama Hamdan 703.933.8372 hlama@nvcc.edu
Dr. Dali Tan 703.933.5078 dtan@nvcc.edu
James Toepper 703.845.6242 jtoepper@nvcc.edu
James Bernhardt (adjunct) 703.845.6214 jabernhardt@nvcc.edu
Camoosha Bell (adjunct) 703.845.6242 cbell@nvcc.edu
Nadya Malago Blackburn (adjunct) 703.845.6242 nmalagoblack@nvcc.edu
Alfred Carter (adjunct) 703.845.6214 ajcarter@nvcc.edu
Simon Contreras (adjunct) 703.845.6242 scontreras@nvcc.edu
Krista Croghan (adjunct) 703.845.6242 kcroghan@nvcc.edu
Genevieve Delfosse (adjunct) 703.845.6242 gdelfosse@nvcc.edu
Dr. Alyssa Falcone (adjunct) 703.845.6242
William Holley (adjunct) 703.845.6242 wholley@nvcc.edu
Esther Kahn (adjunct) 703.845.6242 ekahn@nvcc.edu
Yuriko Miller (adjunct) 703.845.6214 ymiller@nvcc.edu
Victor Oliver (adjunct) 703.845.6214 voliver@nvcc.edu
Robert Olson (adjunct) 703.845.6242 rolson@nvcc.edu
Takako Shigehisa (adjunct) 703.845.6242 tshigehisa@nvcc.edu
Omaia Youssef (adjunct) 703.845.6242 oyoussef@nvcc.edu