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Language & Literature Division

Welcome to NOVA's Languages & Literature Division at the Annandale Campus.

The division offers courses in general education, humanities and occupation/technical areas to satisfy certificate and degree requirements at NOVA and for transfer to other institutions of higher education. Courses in Developmental English and ESL are offered by the division to prepare students for study at the college level and for support in the workplace.

Faculty & Staff


Bruce Mann
Acting Dean
703.323.4441 bmann@nvcc.edu
Jennifer K. Daniels
Associate Dean
703.323.3184 jdaniels@nvcc.edu
Judy Benavides
Administrative Coordinator
703.323.4441 jbenavides@nvcc.edu

American Sign Language & Interpreting

Paula Debes
Assistant Dean
703.323.3192 pdebes@nvcc.edu
Nasrin Naziri
Administrative Assistant
703.323.3291 nnaziri@nvcc.edu
Ali Behmanesh (adjunct) 703.323.3291 abehmanesh@nvcc.edu
Amber Cull(adjunct) 703.323.3291 acull@nvcc.edu
Maher Eshgi(adjunct) 703.323.3291 meshgi@nvcc.edu
Katie Faust(adjunct) 703.323.3291 kfaust@nvcc.edu
(Daniel) Lee Frame(adjunct) 703.323.3291 dframe@nvcc.edu
Julie Gutreuter(adjunct) 703.323.3291 jgutreuter@nvcc.edu
Lori Maynard(adjunct) 703.323.3291 lamaynard@nvcc.edu
Shanmugam Pillai(adjunct) 703.323.3291 spillai@nvcc.edu
Nick Roessler(adjunct) 703.323.3291 nroessler@nvcc.edu
Kevin Taylor 571.748.6875 (Videophone) ketaylor@nvcc.edu


Ana Alonso
Assistant Dean
703.323.3485 aalonso@nvcc.edu
Leslie Czaplicki
Administrative Assistant
703.323.2138 lczaplicki@nvcc.edu
Sana Hilmi 703.323.2133 shilmi@nvcc.edu
John Samaha, Jr. (adjunct) 703.323.2138 jsamaha@nvcc.edu
Dr. Cuneyt Simsek (adjunct) 703.323.2138 csimsek@nvcc.edu


Ana Alonso
Assistant Dean
703.323.3485 aalonso@nvcc.edu
Leslie Czaplicki
Administrative Assistant
703.323.2138 lczaplicki@nvcc.edu
May Ko (adjunct) 703.323.2000 x27553 mko@nvcc.edu
Dr. Shirley Lee 703.323.4104 shlee@nvcc.edu
Yi Shao Zelibor (adjunct) 703.323.2000 x 27141 yzelibor@nvcc.edu


Jean DuBro
Assistant Dean, English
703.323.3080 jdubro@nvcc.edu
Assistant Dean, Composition
703.323.4212 cspiegel@nvcc.edu
Mary Atkins
Administrative Assistant
703.323.3193 matkins@nvcc.edu
Leslie Czaplicki
Administrative Assistant, Adjunct Faculty
703.323.2138 lczaplicki@nvcc.edu
Carrie Addington (adjunct) 703.323.2138 caddington@nvcc.edu
Benjamin Bever (adjunct) 703.323.2138 bbever@nvcc.edu
Cheryl Binkley (adjunct) 703.323.2138 cbinkley@nvcc.edu
Brandon Biller (adjunct) 703.323.2138 bbiller@nvcc.edu
Lynda Buksar (adjunct) 703.323.2138 bbuksar@nvcc.edu
Cheryl Binkley (adjunct) 703.323.2138 cbinkley@nvcc.edu
Rachael Burke (adjunct) 703.323.2138 rburke@nvcc.edu
Liona Burnham(adjunct) 703.323.3193 lburnham@nvcc.edu
Megan Bushar(adjunct) 703.323.2138 mbushar@nvcc.edu
Frank Carbo (adjunct) 703.323.2138 fcarbo@nvcc.edu
Pamela Casey (adjunct) 703.323.2138 pcasey@nvcc.edu
Adam Chiles 703.323.3204 achiles@nvcc.edu
Gwendolyn Connelly (adjunct) 703.323.2138 gconnelly@nvcc.edu
Patricia Deavers (Emerita) 703.232.2138 pdeavers@nvcc.edu
Jean DuBro 703.323.3080 jdubro@nvcc.edu
Amanda Duffy(adjunct) 703.323.2138 aduffy@nvcc.edu
Paul Fateaux (adjunct) 703.323.2138 pfateaux@nvcc.edu
Susanna Ferrara 703.323.3461 sferrara@nvcc.edu
Maria Fidler (adjunct) 703.323.2138 mfidler@nvcc.edu
Patrice Fleck 703.323.3775 pfleck@nvcc.edu
Amy Flessert 703.425.5935 aflessert@nvcc.edu
Jane Friedmann 703.323.3774 jfriedmann@nvcc.edu
Catherine Gaiser 703.323.2138 cgaiser@nvcc.edu
Kelli Gary (adjunct) 703.323.2138 kgary@nvcc.edu
Alexander Glass (adjunct) 703.323.2138 aglass@nvcc.edu
Kellie Gray (adjunct) 703.323.2138 kmgray@nvcc.edu
Randa Gray 703.323.3848 rgray@nvcc.edu
Konstantin Gulish (adjunct) 703.323.2138 kgulish@nvcc.edu
Rima Gulshan 703.323.3158 rgulshan@nvcc.edu
Elizabeth Harlan 703.323.3299 eharlan@nvcc.edu
Yuemin He 703.323.2141 yhe@nvcc.edu
Christopher, Heuer (adjunct) 703.323.2138 cheuer@nvcc.edu
Jennifer Hitchcock (adjunct) 703.323.2138 jhitchcock@nvcc.edu
Bruce Holmes (adjunct) 703.323.2138 bholmes@nvcc.edu
Sarah Jacobson 703.323.3166 sajacobson@nvcc.edu
Alexandra Jones (adjunct) 703.323.2138 aljones@nvcc.edu
Julia Jarvis (adjunct) 703.323.2138 jjarvis@nvcc.edu
Chris Kervina 703.323.3047 ckervina@nvcc.edu
Kenneth Kirk(adjunct) 703.323.2138 kkirk@nvcc.edu
Trish Kurban 703.764.5029 tkurban@nvcc.edu
Karen Kusterer 703.323.3171 kkusterer@nvcc.edu
Leslie Lass (adjunct) 703.323.2138 llass@nvcc.edu
Antares Leask (adjunct) 703.323.2138 aleask@nvcc.edu
Lisa Leibow (adjunct) 703.323.2138 lleibow@nvcc.edu
Steven Lessner 703.323.2152 slessner@nvcc.edu
Leigha McReynolds (adjunct) 703.323.2138 lmcreynolds@nvcc.edu
Nigel Medhurst (adjunct) 703.323.2138 nmedhurst@nvcc.edu
Ryan Meyer (adjunct) 703.323.2138 rmeyer@nvcc.edu
Emily Miller 703.323.2138 exmiller@nvcc.edu
Ian Miller (adjunct) 703.323.2138 imiller@nvcc.edu
Catrina Mitchem (adjunct) 703.323.2138 cmitchem@nvcc.edu
Jill Mowbray (adjunct) 703.323.2138 jmowbray@nvcc.edu
Katherine Nutt(adjunct) 703.323.2138 knutt@nvcc.edu
Kate O'Leary (adjunct) 703.323.2138 koleary@nvcc.edu
Raymond Orkwis 703.323.2101 rorkwis@nvcc.edu
Chvonne Parker (adjunct) 703.323.2138 clparker@nvcc.edu
Thomas Perrino (adjunct) 703.323.2138 tperrino@nvcc.edu
Bryan Peters 703.425.5192 bpeters@nvcc.edu
Christopher Petrus (adjunct) 703.323.2138 cpetrus@nvcc.edu
Justin Pilla(adjunct) 703.323.2138 jpilla@nvcc.edu
Matthew Piotrowski(adjunct) 703.323.2138 mpiotrowski@nvcc.edu
Janet Ha Poirot (adjunct) 703.323.2138 jhapoirot@nvcc.edu
Tawnya Ravy(adjunct) 703.323.2138 travy@nvcc.edu
LeAnn Regan (adjunct) 703.323.2138 lregan@nvcc.edu
John Robertson (adjunct) 703.323.2138 jrobertson@nvcc.edu
Eric Rogusky (adjunct) 703.323.2138 lrogusky@nvcc.edu
Arthur Schuhart
703.323.3462 aschuhart@nvcc.edu
William Schutz 703.323.3825 wschutz@nvcc.edu
Sophia Sexton 703.323.3193 ssexton@nvcc.edu
Stefanie Shipe 703.323.3103 sshipe@nvcc.edu
Memuna Sillah 703.323.3876 msillah@nvcc.edu
Cynthia Smith (adjunct) 703.323.2138 crsmith@nvcc.edu
Cheri Spiegel 703.323.4212 cspiegel@nvcc.edu
Jay Steere 703.764.5030 jsteere@nvcc.edu
Joseph Sullivan (adjunct) 703.323.2138 jwsullivan@nvcc.edu
Hollis Summers (adjunct) 703.323.2138 hsummers@nvcc.edu
Lori Swanberg (adjunct) 703.323.2138 lswanberg@nvcc.edu
Michelle Tolbert (adjunct) 703.323.2138 mtolbert@nvcc.edu
Nicole Tong 703.323.2142 ntong@nvcc.edu
Lauren Wallace 703.323.2138 lwallace@nvcc.edu
Sara Weinstock (adjunct) 703.323.2138 sweinstock@nvcc.edu
Christina Wells 703.323.3206 cwells@nvcc.edu
Karlys V. White 703.323.3354 kvwhite@nvcc.edu
Barbara Wilan (Emerita) 703.323.2138 bwilan@nvcc.edu
Richard Wilan (Emeritus) 703.323.2138 rwilan@nvcc.edu

English as a Second Language

Karen Murph
Assistant Dean
703.323.3105 kmurph@nvcc.edu
Nasrin Naziri
Administrative Assistant
703.323.3291 nnaziri@nvcc.edu
Cheri Bridgeforth 703.323.2147 cbridgeforth@nvcc.edu
Charlotte Calobrisi 703.323.3040 ccalobrisi@nvcc.edu
Veronica Campos (adjunct) 703.323.3291 vcampos@nvcc.edu
Pamela Creed (adjunct) 703.323.3291 pcreed@nvcc.edu
Mary Charleza 703.323.2124 mcharleza@nvcc.edu
Deanna D'Arcy (adjunct) 703.323.3291 ddarcy@nvcc.edu
Krisztina Domjan (adjunct) 703.323.3291 kdomjan@nvcc.edu
Nooria Faryar (adjunct) 703.323.3291 nfaryar@nvcc.edu
Stephanie Gollobin (adjunct) 703.323.3291 sgollobin@nvcc.edu
Diane Hixson (adjunct) 703.323.3291 dhixson@nvcc.edu
Steven Hoyle (adjunct) 703.323.3291 shoyle@nvcc.edu
Peggy G. Hrolenok (adjunct) 703.323.3291 hrolenok@nvcc.edu
Yu Hui (Grace) Hwang 703.323.4213 yhwang@nvcc.edu
Carol Ischinger 703.323.2130 cischinger@nvcc.edu
Dalal Jones (adjunct) 703.323.3291 djones@nvcc.edu
Valerie Jones-Washington (adjunct) 703.323.3291 vjones@nvcc.edu
Uma Kapila (adjunct) 703.323.3291 ukapila@nvcc.edu
Christopher Ladd (adjunct) 703.323.3291 cladd@nvcc.edu
Shirley X. Lee 703.323.4104 shlee@nvcc.edu
Stefan Lewis 703.323.3355 stlewis1@nvcc.edu
Beata McBride (adjunct) 703.323.3291 bmcbride@nvcc.edu
Christine McMorrow (adjunct) 703.323.3291 cmcmorrow@nvcc.edu
Linda Millington 703.323.2138 lmillington@nvcc.edu
Nic Nicastri 703.323.3441 rnicastri@nvcc.edu
Denise Norwood (adjunct) 703.323.3291 dnorwood@nvcc.edu
Shirley Nuhn 703.323.3291 snuhn@nvcc.edu
Marjorie Wilma Parker
703.323.3182 maparker@nvcc.edu
Ramon Perez 703.323.3443 rperez@nvcc.edu
Nataliya Schetchikova 703.323.2023 nschetchikova@nvcc.edu
Sonia Slavtcheva (adjunct) 703.323.3291 sslavtcheva@nvcc.edu
Hayib Sosseh 703.323.3343 hsosseh@nvcc.edu
Jennifer Stawasz (adjunct) 703.323.3291 jstawasz@nvcc.edu
Carole Thurston 703.323.3442 cthurston@nvcc.edu
Tildon Turner 703.323.3269 tturner@nvcc.edu
Karen Van Horn 703.323.2148 kvanhorn@nvcc.edu
Elizabeth Whisnant (adjunct) 703.323.3291 ewhisnant@nvcc.edu
Cecelia Wiltshire (Emerita) 703.323.3291 cwiltshire@nvcc.edu
Joel Wiskin (adjunct) 703.323.3291 jwiskin@nvcc.edu


Ana Alonso
Assistant Dean
703.323.3485 aalonso@nvcc.edu
Annette Borges (adjunct) 703.323.2138 aborges@nvcc.edu
Leslie Czaplicki
Administrative Assistant
703.323.2138 lczaplicki@nvcc.edu
Priya Nair (adjunct) 703.323.2138 pnair@nvcc.edu
Marie-Jean Strauss (adjunct) 703.323.2138 mstrauss@nvcc.edu


Ana Alonso
Assistant Dean
703.323.3485 aalonso@nvcc.edu
Leslie Czaplicki
Administrative Assistant
703.323.2138 lczaplicki@nvcc.edu
Audrey Joyner (adjunct) 703.323.2138
Richard March III(adjunct) 703.323.2138 rmarch@nvcc.edu
Susan Norland (adjunct) 703.323.2138 snorland@nvcc.edu
Jennifer Wandrey-Aykens (adjunct) 703.323.2000 x27061 jwandrey@nvcc.edu


Ana Alonso
Assistant Dean
703.323.3485 aalonso@nvcc.edu
Leslie Czaplicki
Administrative Assistant
703.323.2138 lczaplicki@nvcc.edu
Dr. Amy Franks (adjunct) 703.323.2138 afranks@nvcc.edu
Moyo Johnson (adjunct) 703.323.2138 mmjohnson@nvcc.edu
Michiko Saito Kobayashi (adjunct) 703.323.2000 x27206 mkobayashi@nvcc.edu
Rika Seya (adjunct) 703.323.2000 x27194 rseya@nvcc.edu
Kyoko Yada-Horner (adjunct) 703.323.2000 x27279 kyadahorner@nvcc.edu


Ana Alonso
Assistant Dean
703.323.3485 aalonso@nvcc.edu
Leslie Czaplicki
Administrative Assistant
703.323.2138 lczaplicki@nvcc.edu
Dr. Yunkyoung Kang (adjunct) 703.323.2000 x27416 ykang@nvcc.edu
Dr. Jihye Moon (adjunct) 703.323.2000 x27183 jmoon@nvcc.edu


Ana Alonso
Assistant Dean
703.323.3485 aalonso@nvcc.edu
Leslie Czaplicki
Administrative Assistant
703.323.2138 lczaplicki@nvcc.edu
Stase Mackoniene (adjunct) 703.323.2000 x27356 smackoniene@nvcc.edu
Dr. Jesse Menefee (adjunct) 703.323.2138 jmenefee@nvcc.edu
Dr. Evgeny Pareshnev (adjunct) 703.323.2000 x27214 epareshnev@nvcc.edu


Ana Alonso
Assistant Dean
703.323.3485 aalonso@nvcc.edu
Leslie Czaplicki
Administrative Assistant
703.323.2138 lczaplicki@nvcc.edu
Marichu Bucelli (adjunct)


Ana Burke 703.323.2128 aburke@nvcc.edu
Dr.Alicia Falzon 703.323.2129 afalzon@nvcc.edu
Ligia Glass (adjunct) 703.323.2000 x27353 lglass@nvcc.edu
Marie Horbaly (adjunct) 703.323.2000 x27021 mhorbaly@nvcc.edu
Delia Muñoz (adjunct) 703.323.2000 x27357 dmunoz@nvcc.edu
Ramón Planas (adjunct)
703.323.2138 rplanas@nvcc.edu
Jeannine Rosado (adjunct) 703.323.2138 jrosado@nvcc.edu
Susan Southworth (adjunct) 703.323.2000 x27052 ssouthworth@nvcc.edu
Su Jin Yon (adjunct) 703.323.2000 x27062 syon@nvcc.edu
Faculty Advisors

Liberal Arts - English Concentration

Contact (will assign advisor)PhoneEmail
Judy Benavides 703.323.4441 jbenavides@nvcc.edu

American Sign Language & English Interpretation

Paula Debes 703.323.3192 pdebes@nvcc.edu
Kevin Taylor 571.748.6875 (videophone) ketaylor@nvcc.edu

General Studies

Contact (will assign advisor)PhoneEmail
Judy Benavides 703.323.4441 jbenavides@nvcc.edu