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Mathematics, Science and Engineering

Annandale's Mathematics, Science & Engineering (MSE) Division offer Associate of Science (A.S.) degrees, Associates of Applied Science (A.A.S.) degrees, Certificates and provide courses in mathematics and science for the educational requirements of various other degrees at NOVA.

Summer Advising Week Flyer

MSE Office Hours - Summer 2018

Welcome to STEM (Science/Technology/Engineering/Math)! Explore science in classes like biology, environmental science, chemistry, physics, geology, math and engineering.

Our courses can help you earn an Associate degree (A.S.) in preparation for transfer. If you need extra math help, we offer computer-aided courses and tutoring in developmental math. Engineering students can use special programs to transfer to Mason and VATech engineering. If you want a certificate to enter the workplace, consider engineering and architecture A.A.S degrees.

We have a Science Learning Center in CS 237 that offers a place to study alone or with classmates, and where faculty members volunteer hours to assist students. The Center has resources such as science models, geology samples, computers and a virtual cadaver.

The MSE Division is the largest at Annandale, with 77 fulltime faculty members, over 100 adjuncts, and nearly 20 lab and administrative staff members. Each staff member and instructor wants to help YOU succeed!


Biology & Natural Sciences

In Biology and Natural Science, living things are examined from molecular, cellular, health, and ecological perspectives. Emphasis is placed on a scientific approach to problem-solving and on the interactions of living organisms with each other and their environments.

Course Areas

Anatomy & Physiology, Biology, Botany, Ecology, Environmental Science, Meteorology, Microbiology, Natural Science, Zoology

Physical Science


Chemistry is all around us - from the atoms that form the Universe, to the over-the-counter medications we use, to the liquid crystal display in our cell phones. Chemistry helps us understand the physical, chemical and atomic properties of matter.


Physics is the scientific study of matter and energy and their mutual interactions.  Physics provides an understanding of our physical world from sub-atomic to cosmological scales.


Geology is a diverse and fascinating science that examines how the planet Earth works, how it got the way it is and what's going to happen in the future. Geologists study the history of changes on our planet written in a record of rocks, sediment and fossils.


Mathematics is a dynamic, developing, and powerful field contributing to cutting edge advances in science and technology. NOVA offers a wide curriculum in mathematics ranging from review classes in basic math and algebra to multivariate calculus, linear algebra, discrete math, and differential equations. Our faculty is dedicated to teaching and our math lab provides many resources to assist students in successful course completion.


Engineering A.S. Degree:  

The Engineering curriculum prepares our students for transfer into a baccalaureate degree program  in all engineering fields such as: electrical, mechanical, civil, chemical, aeronautical, marine, nuclear, systems, biomedical, agriculture, etc.

Engineering Technology A.A.S. Degree:  

The Engineering Technology curriculum prepares our students for employment in Engineering Technology and the related fields of Drafting and Mechanical Engineering Technology. Our students have the option & capability to continue on to undergraduate & graduate studies.

Architectural Technology A.A.S. Degree:

The Architectural Technology curriculum prepares our students for employment in architectural, urban design and construction fields.  An Architectural Drafting Certificate is also available.  Our students are prepared to continue their education towards higher-level degrees.

Faculty & Staff
Mary Vander Maten
Acting Dean
703.323.3228 mvandermate@nvcc.edu 
Ben Wang
Acting Associate Dean
703.323.3730 bwang@nvcc.edu 
Connie Childress
Administrative Coordinator
703.323.3109 cchildress@nvcc.edu 
Biology and Natural Science
(CS 204) Fax: 703.323.4250
Jill Caporale
Assistant Dean (Biology & Environmental Sciences)
703.323.3234 jcaporale@nvcc.edu
Cindy Miller
Assistant Dean (Human Anatomy & Microbiology)
703.323.2157 lmiller@nvcc.edu
Sharon Finch
Administrative Assistant
703.323.3224 slfinch@nvcc.edu
Ateegh Al-Arabi 703.323.3224 aalarabi@nvcc.edu
Tigran Ananian 703.323.3224 tananian@nvcc.edu
Masoumeh Assadi
Biology Lab Manager
703.323.7399 massadi@nvcc.edu
Farah Ateeq 703.323.3224 fateeq@nvcc.edu
Raj Bawa 703.323.3224 rbawa@nvcc.edu
Cynthia Beck 703.323.3224 cbeck@nvcc.edu
Peter Bryan 703.425.0746 pbryan@nvcc.edu
Karen Bushaw-Newton 703.323.3224 kbushaw@nvcc.edu
Elizabeth Chao 703.323.3224 echao@nvcc.edu
John Christmas 703.323.3224 jchristmas@nvcc.edu
John Cova 703.323.3224 jcova@nvcc.edu
Patricia Daron 703.323.3475 pdaron@nvcc.edu
Amos Dike 703.323.3224 adike@nvcc.edu
Amna Eltayeb 703.323.3224 aeltayeb@nvcc.edu
James Estep 703.323.3224 jestep@nvcc.edu
Khan Fakhruzzaman 703.323.3224 kfakhruzzaman@nvcc.edu
Paul Fitzgerald 703.323.2442 pfitzgerald@nvcc.edu
Trudy Gillevet 703.323.2391 tgillevet@nvcc.edu
Kirk Goolsby 703.323.3165 kgoolsby@nvcc.edu
Caryl Greenfield 703.323.3224 cgreenfield@nvcc.edu
Anne Guandolo 703.323.3224 aguandolo@nvcc.edu
Karla Henthorn 703.323.3236 khenthorn@nvcc.edu
Kristen Hoefke 703.323.3224 khoefke@nvcc.edu
Steven Htet 703.323.3224 shtet@nvcc.edu
Peter Jo 703.323.3224 pjo@nvcc.edu
Steve Kubrak 703.323.3224 skubrak@nvcc.edu
Huey-Jane Liao 703.323.3224 hliao@nvcc.edu
Khanh Ma 703.323.3224 kma@nvcc.edu
Hanwen Mao 703.323.3224 hmao@nvcc.edu
Muffarah Marr 703.323.3224 mmarr@nvcc.edu
Charles Masarsky 703.323.3224 cmasarsky@nvcc.edu
Fatin Odeh 703.323.3224 fodeh@nvcc.edu
Johnathan Ottke 703.323.3224 jottke@nvcc.edu
Hankyel Park 703.323.3224 hpark@nvcc.edu
Sailath Pathapadu 703.323.3224 spathapadu@nvcc.edu
Mike Peglar 703.323.5023 mpeglar@nvcc.edu
Todd Prickett 703.323.3224 tprickett@nvcc.edu
Anm Rahman 703.323.3224 arahman@nvcc.edu
Baisali Ray 703.323.3224 bray@nvcc.edu
Lawrence Roberge 703.323.3224 lroberge@nvcc.edu
Omar Saab 703.323.3224 osaab@nvcc.edu
Swathi Seeke 703.764.7768 sseeke@nvcc.edu
Deborah Shaffer 703.323.3224 deshaffer@nvcc.edu
Kulsoom Shaikh 703.323.3224 kshaikh@nvcc.edu
Mercede Sheikh 703.425.5968 msheikholvo@nvcc.edu
Ilse Silva-Krott 703.323.3224 isilvakrott@nvcc.edu 
Kristen Simmons 703.425.5325 ksimmons@nvcc.edu
Raji Subramanian 703.764.6048 rsubramanian@nvcc.edu
Theodros Tadese 703.323.3224 ttadese@nvcc.edu
Afshin Tavassoli 703.425.5968 atavassoli@nvcc.edu
Ilya Temkin 703.425.5120 itemkin@nvcc.edu
Samira Topchubashova 703.425.5648 stopchubashova@nvcc.edu
Shanik Whitehurst 703.323.3224 swhitehurst@nvcc.edu
Lisa Williams 703.764.7767 lwilliams@nvcc.edu
Rebecca Wright 703.764.7766 rwright@nvcc.edu
Zenbaba Wordoffa 703.323.3013 zwordoffa@nvcc.edu
Engineering Technologies
(CS 316) Fax: 703.323.3176
Paul Lea
Assistant Dean
703.323.3224 plea@nvcc.edu 
Patricia Rucker-Baldwin
Administrative Assistant
703.323.3326 prucker@nvcc.edu
Tri Doan
Lab Assistant
703.323.3487 tdoan@nvcc.edu
Charbel Fahed
703.323.3188 cfahed@nvcc.edu
Hossein Firouzi
703.323.3326 hfirouzi@nvcc.edu
Liling Huang
703.764.7764 lhuang@nvcc.edu
David Lin
703.323.3597 dlin@nvcc.edu
Rudy Napisa
Program Head, MEC EGR/DRF
703.323.3497 rnapisa@nvcc.edu
Rassa Rassai
Program Head, Engineering
703.323.2240 rarassai@nvcc.edu
Nazanin Saidi
703.764.6041 nsaidi@nvcc.edu
Armen Simonian
Program Head, Architecture
703.323.3248 asimonian@nvcc.edu
Nagi Soliman
703.503.6322 nsoliman@nvcc.edu
George Wilkerson
703.425.5650 gwilkerson@nvcc.edu
(CT 226) Fax: 703.323.3841
Dr. Karen Walters
Assistant Dean
703.323.3181 kwalters@nvcc.edu
Jeffrey Vetrano
Assistant Dean
703.425.5109 jvetrano@nvcc.edu 
Barbara Tolley
Administrative Assistant
703.323.3118 btolley@nvcc.edu
Justin Allen 703.323.3118 jjallen@nvcc.edu
Frank Andreani 703.323.3118 fandreani@nvcc.edu
Latasha Austin 703.323.3118 laustin@nvcc.edu
Ronald Bertha 703.323.3118 rbertha@nvcc.edu
Martin Bredeck 703.764.6042 mbredeck@nvcc.edu
William Castaneda 703.323.3118 wcastaneda@nvcc.edu
Sumi Chatterjee 703.323.3211 suchatterjee@nvcc.edu
Syama Chaudhuri 703.323.3118 schaudhuri@nvcc.edu
Claire Coffey
Math Lab Assistant
703.323.5504 ccoffey@nvcc.edu
David Conroy 703.323.3344 dconroy@nvcc.edu
Jonathan Covington 703.323.3118 jcovington@nvcc.edu
Donald Daigle 703.323.3118 ddaigle@nvcc.edu
Alpana Das 703.323.3219 adas@nvcc.edu
Elizabeth Dinkelman 703.503.6321 edinkelman@nvcc.edu 
Wanda Fields 703.323.3118 wfields@nvcc.edu
Matoka Forbes 703.323.3118 mforbes@nvcc.edu
Khadiga Gamgoum 703.323.4039 khgamgoum@nvcc.edu
Michael Garrity 703.323.3118 mgarrity@nvcc.edu
John Gaudiosi 703.323.3118 jgaudiosi@nvcc.edu
Ioannis Gkigkitzis 703.425.0755 igkigkitzis@nvcc.edu 
Donald Goral 703.323.3888 dgoral@nvcc.edu
Lisa Guise 703.323.3118 lguise@nvcc.edu
David Haile 703.323.4232 dhaile@nvcc.edu
Francis Hall 703.323.3118 fhall@nvcc.edu
Aamer Haque 703.323.3118 ahaque@nvcc.edu
Paul Headley
Math Lab Assistant
703.425.5634 pheadley@nvcc.edu
Jennifer Helfman 703.323.2322 jhelfman@nvcc.edu
Chamath Hettiarachchi 703.323.3560 chettiarachchi@nvcc.edu
Elizabeth Highsmith 703.425.5181 ehighsmith@nvcc.edu
Dariush Izadi 703.323.3313 dizadi@nvcc.edu
Aeyoung Jang 703.323.3548 ajang@nvcc.edu
Brian Johnson 703.323.2132 brjohnson@nvcc.edu
Terrence Krize 703.323.3891 tkrize@nvcc.edu
William Lawler 703.323.3118 wlawler@nvcc.edu
Jieun Lee 703.323.3118 jlee@nvcc.edu
Karen Lesser 703.323.3202 klesser@nvcc.edu
Victoria Lu 703.425.5742 vlu@nvcc.edu
Amy Macrina 703.425.5107 amacrina@nvcc.edu
Jaydeb Maji 703.323.3118 jmaji@nvcc.edu
Gita Mamgain 703.323.3118 gmamgain@nvcc.edu
Justin Manning 703.323.3118 jmanning@nvcc.edu
Robert Martin 703.764.6005 rmartin@nvcc.edu
William Martin 703.323.3118 wmartin@nvcc.edu
Robert McGee 70.323.3118 rmcgee@nvcc.edu
Alex Meng 703.323.3118 ameng@nvcc.edu
Pamela Nation 703.503.6318 pnation@nvcc.edu
Deborah Nasseri 703.323.3553 dnasseri@nvcc.edu
Muhammad Nawaz 703.323.3118 mnawaz@nvcc.edu
Justin Nguyen 703.323.3326 jnguyen@nvcc.edu
Kumnit Nong 703.764.5027 knong@nvcc.edu
Bouchra Ouniche 703.323.3118 bouniche@nvcc.edu
Christopher Paldino 703.323.3118 cpaldino@nvcc.edu
Mahend Panagoda 703.323.3118 mpanagoda@nvcc.edu
Jiseong Park 703.323.3118 jpark@nvcc.edu
Michelle Perschbacher 703.323.3118 mperschbache@nvcc.edu
Sam Po
Math Lab Assistant
703.425.5231 spo@nvcc.edu
Cynthia Rathjen 703.764.5026 crathjen@nvcc.edu
George Raub 703.323.3118 graub@nvcc.edu
Margaret Roberts 703.323.2150 mroberts@nvcc.edu
Burak Sandicki
Math Lab Assistant
703.425.5231 bsandicki@nvcc.edu
Richard Semmler 703.323.2131 rsemmler@nvcc.edu
Valery Shemetov 703.323.3118 vshemetov@nvcc.edu
Sue Sherry 703.323.3225 ssherry@nvcc.edu
Sherry Simon 703.323.3118 ssimon@nvcc.edu
John Stavropoulos 703.323.3326 jstavropoulos@nvcc.edu
Susan Sunny 703.503.6319 ssunny@nvcc.edu
Bac Tran 703.323.3118 btran@nvcc.edu
Ioana Triandaf 703.323.3118 itriandaf@nvcc.edu
Rudolf Unger 703.323.2323 runger@nvcc.edu
Eileen Wilson 703.323.3118 ewilson@nvcc.edu
Physical Science
(CG211) Fax: 703.323.4250
Ben Wang
Acting Associate Dean
703.323.3730 bwang@nvcc.edu
Mary Poirier
Administrative Assistant
703.323.3113 mpoirier@nvcc.edu 
Marjan Alaghmand
Kavitha Avadhuta
Chemistry Lab Assistant
703.425.5464 kavadhuta@nvcc.edu
Gideon Bass
703.323.4142 gbass@nvcc.edu
Callan Bentley
703.323.3276 cbentley@nvcc.edu
Alexander Bohn
703.425.0678 abohn@nvcc.edu 
Eric Boring
703.323.4142 eboring@nvcc.edu
James Buecheler
Geology Lab Assistant
703.323.3152 jbuecheler@nvcc.edu
Raymond Butcher
703.323.4142 rbutcher@nvcc.edu
Ivan Carpio
Physics Online
703.323.4142 icarpio@nvcc.edu
Mihaela Chamberlin
703.425.5130 mchamberlin@nvcc.edu
Caitlin Chazen
703.323.4142 cchazen@nvcc.edu
Elizabeth O. Doyle
Ying Fu
Katherine Geiser-Bush
703.323.3231 kgeiserbush@nvcc.edu
Ingrid Guillen Marquina
Chemistry Lab Assistant
703.425.0685 iguillenmarquina@nvcc.edu 
Parshu Gyawali
703.323.4142 pgyawali@nvcc.edu
Shelley Jaye
703.323.4142 sjaye@nvcc.edu
Samuel Jensen
703.323.4142 sjensen@nvcc.edu
Mark D. Hamel
Ritu Kansal
703.425.5658 rkansal@nvcc.edu
Feraydune Kashefi
Physics Online
Trinh T. Le
Behzad Maghami
703.323.4142 bmahgami@nvcc.edu
Walerian Majewski
703.323.2143 wmajewski@nvcc.edu
Farrokh Malihi Basmanj
Maria Morales
703.323.4142 mmorales@nvcc.edu
Manori Nadesalingam
703.764.5022 mnadesalingam@nvcc.edu
Walter O'Brien
703.323.4214 wobrien@nvcc.edu
Giordano Paniconi
John Pavco
703.323.4142 jpavco@nvcc.edu
Kenneth Rasmussen
703.323.2139 krasmussen@nvcc.edu
Reva Savkar
703.323.3231 rsavkar@nvcc.edu
Beth Schomber
703.425.5962 bschomber@nvcc.edu
Farzana Shahnaz
703.323.4142 fshahnaz@nvcc.edu
Michael Sinwell
703.323.4142 msinwell@nvcc.edu
Brad Slepetz
703.323.4142 bslepetz@nvcc.edu
Sheldon Soon
Physics Lab Assistant
703.323.2424 ssoon@nvcc.edu
Piraba Swaminathan
703.323.3709 piswaminathan@nvcc.edu
Yohannes Tesema
703.764.5028 ytesema@nvcc.edu
Peter Williams
703.764.5033 pewilliams@nvcc.edu 
Stephen Wissing
703.323.3160 swissing@nvcc.edu
Yared Woldegiorgis
703.323.2159 ywoldegiorgis@nvcc.edu
Faculty Advisors
Student's Last Name Begins With...AdvisorPhoneRoom
A-K Armen Simonian 703.323.3248 CT 316-D
L-Z Nazanin Saidi 703.764.6041 CT 336-D
Electrical Engineering
Student's Last Name Begins With...AdvisorPhoneRoom
A-B Charbel Fahed 703.323.3188 CG 211-F
C-E Martin Bredeck 703.734.6042 CT 336-C
F-H Sumi Chatterjee 703.323.3211 CT 308
I-L David Conroy 703.323.3344 CM 320
M-P Alpana Das 703.323.3219 CT 308
Q-T Elizabeth Dinkelman 703.503.6321 CT 308
U-Z Khadiga Gamgoum 703.323.4039 CM 318
Engineering Technology, Mechanical Engineering
Student's Last Name Begins With...AdvisorPhoneRoom
A-M George Wilkerson 703.425.5650 CT 316-E
N-Z Donald Goral 703.323.3888 CT 336-A
Student's Last Name Begins With...AdvisorPhoneRoom
A David Lin 703.323.3597 CG 222
B Rudy Napisa 703.323.3497 CT 316-C
C-D David Haile 703.323.4232 CT 336-E
E-F Chamath Hettiarachchi 703.323.3560 CT M114
G Elizabeth Highsmith 703.425.5181 CT 336-B
H-J Aeyong Jang 703.323.3548 CT 226-D
K Brian Johnson 703.323.2132 CT M124
L Terrence Krize 703.323.3891 CT 336-D
Ma-Mf Karen Lesser 703.323.3202 CT 226-C
Mg-N Pamela Nation 703.503.6318 CT 133
O-Q Robert Martin 703.764.6005 CT 316-E
R-Se Cynthia Rathjen 703.764.5026 CT 226-E
Sf-Sz Margaret Roberts 703.323.2150 CT M125
T Richard Semmler 703-323.2131 CM 308
U-Z Susan Sherry 703.323.3225 CT 226-F
Science - Mathematics
Student's Last Name Begins With...AdvisorPhoneRoom
A-L Dariush Izadi 703.323.3313 CM 328
M-Z Kumnit (James) Nong 703.764.5027 CT 134
Student's Last Name Begins With...AdvisorPhoneRoom
Pre-Medical, Pre-Dental, Pre-Veterinary, Pre-Pharmacy
A-B Karen Bushaw-Newton 703.425.5139 CG 211-L
C-E Karla Henthorn 703.323.3236 CS 122-A
F-H Peter Jo 703.425.5169 CG 211-O
I-L Huey-Jane Liao 703.764.5024 CS 122-B
M Swathi Seeke 703.764.7768 CS 106-C
N-P Raji Subramanian 703.764.6048 CS 120-B
Q-S Samira Topchubashova 703.425.3475 CS 120-E
T-Z Zenbaba Wordoffa 703.323.3013 CS 122-E
A-C Paul Fitzgerald 703.764.2442 CG 222
D-H Trudy Gillevet 703.323.2391 CS 122-D
I-L Kristen Simmons 703.425.5325 CS 233
M-O Ilya Temkin 703.425.5120 CG 211-A
P-S Afshin Tavassoli 703.425.5968 CS 120-A
T-Z Rebecca Wright 703.764.7766 CS 106-B
A-F Mihaela Chamberlin 703.425.5130 CS 244-A
G-L Walter O'Brien 703.323.4214 CS 244-D
M-R Yohannes Tesema 703-764-5028 CS 244-C
S-Z Piraba Swaminathan 703.323.3709 CS 244-B
A-L Kenneth Rasmussen 703.323.2139 CS 248-B
M-Z Shelley Jaye 703.425.5180 CG 211-C
A-F Manori Nadesalingam 703.764.5022 CG 211-A
G-L Peter Williams 703.323.5033 CG 211-D
M-R Stephen Wissing 703.323.3160 CS 248-D
S-Z Yared Woldegiorgis 703.323.2159 CG 211-K
General Studies / Undecided Science*
Student's Last Name Begins With...AdvisorPhoneRoom
A-D Kirk Goolsby 703.323.2391 CS 122-D
E-H Michael Peglar 703.764.5023 CS 106-D
I-L Deborah Shaffer 703.323.3077 CS 106-A
M-P Lisa Williams 703.764.7767 CS 120-D
Q-S Callan Bentley 703.323.3276 CS 248-A
T-V Ritu Kansal 703.425.5962 CG 211-E
W-Z Beth Schomber 703.323.3879 CS 231

* For General Studies students, you must be taking a significantly higher number of courses in the concentration than the General Studies requirement. Otherwise, please find a faculty advisor from Liberal Arts or Languages and Literature.

Video Archive

March 21, 2014

Dr. Robert C. Means, International Consultant and Adjunct Faculty, Johns Hopkins University Energy and Climate Policy Program and University of Maryland Environmental Legal Studies Program:

February 21, 2014

Dr. Mihaela Chamberlin, NOVA Physical Science Faculty:

October 25, 2013

Dr. Art Schuhart, NOVA English Faculty:

September 27, 2013

Dr. Craig Jensen, NOVA Physics Faculty: