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College Records Office

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The College Record Office (CRO) is a virtual operation that assist students with inquiries regarding Official Transcript, Graduation Applications, Transfer Credit Evaluation and Course Substitution requests. To reach the CRO students must submit inquires to AsktheCRO@nvcc.edu. Staff are assigned to respond to inquiries within 48 hours.

The College Records Office (CRO) Processes:
  • Official Transcript requests for:
    • Current Students - Any student who is currently attending or has attended NOVA within the last three years and is in good academic standing.
    • Former Students/Inactive Student – Any student currently not attending NOVA or has not attended for the past three years or more and is an inactive student. Inactive student records are archived after one year of nonconsecutive enrollment.
  • Graduation Applications
  • Transfer Credit Evaluation
  • Course Substitution Requests
Matters Not Handled by the CRO
  1. Repeat codes (report run at the end of the semester by IT; can be corrected by campus registrars).
  2. Grade postings/changes (handled by campus registrars).
  3. Schedule changes (handled at the campus level).
  4. Admissions/enrollment (handled at the campus level).
  5. Phi Theta Kappa or other honor societies honors (handled by designated sponsors on select campuses responsible for providing names to the editor for the commencement book).
  6. Calculation of Grade Point Averages (GPA) (handled by campus registrars).
  7. Domicile issues (handled at the campus level )
  8. Honors Core designations (handled in the Division by the instructor).
  9. Holds (handled at the campus level).
  10. Unofficial transcripts (can be download by the student).
  11. Continuing Education Units (CEU) transcripts (must contact the campus where the course was completed).
  12. Commencement Ceremony arrangements and Graduation Information Brochure (arranged by the Commencement Events Manager).
Important Information
  • Transcripts are free.
  • Submit a separate request for each transcript requested.
  • Requests submitted Sunday thru Thursday are processed and mailed within 24 hours.
  • Official transcripts are released only after a student has completed one course at NOVA.
  • The options to hold transcripts for Grade Posting and Degree Confer Date are not operational. If you want your transcript to include your current semester grades or degree/certificate award, submit your transcript request AFTER you have verified that all the desired information has been posted to your record. You can use the Student Center Self-Service function to check on your information.
  • If you have any monetary holds on your record, the system will not allow processing. Thus, a transcript cannot be produced. Check your unofficial transcript and holds online through the Student Center via NOVAConnect.
  • No transcripts will be issued if you fail to sign your transcript request form.
  • If attachments are required (ex. for law or medical school admission services), paper clip the attachment to the transcript request form or include the attachment in your fax.
  • CEU transcripts must be requested through the campus Workforce Development/Continuing Education Office where you completed the course.
  • Allow one week for any special processing.
  • Coordinate in-person transcript pick-ups with your campus Student Services Center. Photo ID is required to pick up your transcript. Students are responsible for making monetary FedEx/UPS arrangements for expedited requests.
  • All transcripts issued are official and sealed in an envelope. DO NOT OPEN YOUR TRANSCRIPT if you plan to send the transcript to a college or organization. An opened transcript will be considered unofficial by most colleges and organizations.
  • Substitution requests are initiated by a student’s advisor, approved by the student’s division dean and the course subject dean to satisfy a program requirement to a student’s degree.
Additional College Records Offices Concerns

The transfer school said they have not received the official transcript I ordered.
It is not uncommon for students to be told that their transcript has not arrived at their senior institution even though the CRO has mailed the transcript. Schools routinely take up to 30 days to process and post transfer credits. Please allow colleges and universities ample processing time before contacting AsktheCRO@nvcc.edu regarding your official transcript request.

Will you write a letter indicating my degree status?
Students receive status letters via their VCCS email accounts which can be shown as proof of pending graduation completion. GMU and other senior institutions want an official transcript bearing the awarding of the degree not a letter. Students need to check their school’s transfer website for information.

I was awarded a General Education Certificate; I did not apply for this. Why was I awarded this certificate?
The GEC program is mandated from the Virginia Community College System (VCCS); all schools within the VCCS are required to comply with this mandate. Some four-year institutions (ex. Old Dominion) require a GEC along with an A.A.A. or A.A.S. for admission to the university.

GENERAL EDUCATION CERT (Plan 6950): Recognition of milestone toward A.A. or A.S. degree. Completion signals a student’s has progressed more than halfway toward an A.A. or A.S. degree. Students are urged to see an advisor regarding completion of any program plan to ensure accurate progression toward that goal.
GENERAL EDUCATION CERT (Plan 6950): Total credit requirements for this plan are 33.
PLAN SPECIFIC REQUIREMENTS (33 cr.): Under certain circumstances, students who are placed in an A.A.A. or A.A.S. program plan may work with a counselor to be program placed in this plan.

Will this award reflect negatively on my cumulative GPA or ability to transfer to a four-year institution?
No, the GEC award has no baring on a student's GPA and does not reflect negatively on a student’s ability to transfer to a four-year institution. However, a combination of the GEC plus an A.A.S. is required for admission to some four-year institutions.

I am pursuing a Career Studies Certificate in Massage Therapy. How do I convert my Red Cross CPR card to HLT 105 credit need for my degree?
Download the Request for Evaluation of Transfer Credit form available online and complete the form. Make front and back copies of your current CPR card, take both to the Student Services Center for scanning and linking to the CRO Transfer Credit Evaluations team.

Contact Information
  • Need Help in Person
  • Have Questions?
    • The CRO is a virtual operation, student inquiries regarding any of the subjects previously addressed should be submitted to AsktheCRO@nvcc.edu. This is the only method of contacting the CRO; staff are assigned to respond to inquiries within 48 hours.