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Information Technology Programming

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Alexandria; Annandale; ELI - Online Learning; Loudoun; Woodbridge;

Degrees, Certificates and Specialization

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ELI - Online Learning

Courses & Course Content Summary

DescriptionContent Summary
ITP 95 Topics in
ITP 100 Software Design
ITP 112 Visual Basic.NET I
ITP 120 JAVA Programming I
ITP 130 C Programming I
ITP 132 C++ Programming I
ITP 134 Visual C++ Programming I
ITP 136 C# Programming I
ITP 137 Programming IOS Devices
ITP 140 Client Side Scripting
ITP 165 Gaming and Simulation
ITP 170 Project Management
ITP 190 Coordinated Internship
ITP 193 Studies in
ITP 195 Topics In
ITP 196 On-Site Training in
ITP 197 Cooperative Education
ITP 198 Seminar & Project
ITP 199 Supervised Study
ITP 212 Visual Basic.Net II
ITP 220 Java Programming II
ITP 225 Web Scripting Languages
ITP 230 C Programming II
ITP 232 C++ Programming II
ITP 234 Visual C++ Programming
ITP 236 C# Programming II
ITP 240 Server Side Programming
ITP 244 ASP.NET- Server Side Programming
ITP 246 Internet Devel. II: Server-Side JAVA
ITP 248 E-Commerce Integration & Applications
ITP 251 System Analysis and Design
ITP 260 Applications of Modeling and Simulation
ITP 265 Concepts of Simulation
ITP 290 Coord. Internship
ITP 293 Studies in
ITP 295 Topics In:
ITP 296 On-Site Training in
ITP 297 Cooperative Education
ITP 298 Seminar & Project
ITP 299 Supervised Study