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Alexandria; Woodbridge;

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Photography is part of the Liberal Arts Division at Alexandria

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703.845.6241 or 703.845.6242

Courses & Course Content Summary

DescriptionContent Summary
PHT 100 Introduction to Photography
PHT 101 Photography I
PHT 102 Photography II
PHT 103 Black and White Darkroom Photography I
PHT 104 Black and White Darkroom Photography II
PHT 106 Visual Literacy: The Photographic Image
PHT 110 History of Photography
PHT 130 Video I
PHT 131 Video II
PHT 135 Electronic Darkroom
PHT 190 Coordinated Internship
PHT 195 Topics In:
PHT 198 Seminar And Project
PHT 199 Supervised Study
PHT 201 Advanced Photography I
PHT 202 Advanced Photography II
PHT 206 Large Format Photography
PHT 211 Color Photography I
PHT 221 Studio Lighting I
PHT 222 Studio Lighting II
PHT 227 Photographic Careers
PHT 231 Photojournalism I
PHT 232 Photojournalism II
PHT 235 Documentary Photography
PHT 246 Advanced Photographic Printing
PHT 247 Alternative Photographic Processes
PHT 256 Communicating Through the Photographic Sequence
PHT 264 Digital Photography
PHT 265 Mass Media into the Twenty-First Century
PHT 270 Digital Imaging I
PHT 271 Digital Imaging II
PHT 274 Digital Film Editing and Post Production
PHT 290 Coordinated Internship
PHT 295 Topics In:
PHT 297 Cooperative Education
PHT 298 Seminar And Project
PHT 299 Supervised Study