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Political Science

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Alexandria; Annandale; ELI - Online Learning; Loudoun; Manassas; Woodbridge;

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Political Science is part of the Liberal Arts Division at Annandale

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ELI - Online Learning

Political Science is part of the Online Learning at ELI - Online Learning

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Courses & Course Content Summary

DescriptionContent Summary
PLS 120 Introduction to Political Science
PLS 135 American National Politics
PLS 136 State And Local Politics
PLS 140 Introduction to Comparative Politics
PLS 190 Internship
PLS 195 Topics In
PLS 198 Seminar And Project
PLS 199 Supervised Study
PLS 200 Political Ideologies
PLS 211 U.S. Government I
PLS 212 U.S. Government II
PLS 220 Political Parties and Elections in the United States
PLS 225 The United States Presidency
PLS 230 Congress of the United States Government
PLS 241 International Relations I
PLS 242 International Relations II
PLS 250 Introduction to Conflict Resolution
PLS 255 Introduction to Peace and Stability Operations
PLS 290 Coordinated Internship
PLS 293 Studies In:
PLS 295 Topics In:
PLS 297 Cooperative Education
PLS 298 Seminar & Project
PLS 299 Supervised Study